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 1/12th Scale Kits 

 All wood kits are pre-cut to size from obechi or bass unless otherwise stated and pieces will need to be stained or painted and assembled with tacky glue. 

 Full step by step instructions are included with the kit. 


Kits from the time of flared jeans, platform shoes

& punk rock!

hoopla fface smaller.jpg

A collection of nostaligic childhood toys and games kits from various eras.


Treat yourself. Great to work on over a weekend or

alternatively a day off!

cabinet errased smaller.jpg

A selection of kits perfect for recreating a home during the time of World War Two.


Creative kits which don't fit into the other catagories  & perfect for your miniature homes.


Kits from the beginning of the twentieth century when

Edward VII became King.

house shelves smaller.jpg

Time to take life a bit easier!

Kits which are quick and easy

to colour and construct.

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