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In 1933 the London & North Eastern Railway had the initiative to convert ten coaches/carriages into comfortable static accommodation, they quickly became popular and this led to other railway companies following suit. Unfortunately the Second World War in 1939 meant that they became recomissioned for military accommodation and the homeless, and it wasn’t until the 1950’s that they became popular again.

This camping coach kit is based on a 1930s corridor style carriage and retains many of the original fixtures and fittings. The kitchen and bathroom furnishings are from the 1950s era. The inside of the coach can be viewed through the windows or from the top by lifting the removable front roof.

1/48th Scale Camping Coach Kit

  • The 1/48th scale camping coach is made from MDF wood with perspex windows and the interior fittings are made from hardwood. The kit includes all the pieces to make up everything shown in the above photographs, you will need to provide fabric, paint, wood stain and glue.


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