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Barn Conversion

 1/24th scale barn conversion night school project undertaken with our students in 2018 and completed in 2021.

construction 3.jpg


 Redundant agricultural barns which are no longer

required for original use can be saved from disrepair and changed into a dwelling with the condition that the exterior features remain in respect of the local vernacular.  


We stained and constructed four frames and then inserted an MDF wall between each and also at one end of the building. (The opposite end left open to create a glazed picture window). The internal walls were painted beforehand and a few clamps were required to ensure the construction didn't fall apart!


There should be no excessive alterations to the exterior of a redundant agricultural barn during its conversion. The look and character should remain to reflect the building's heritage and exisiting window and door openings should be used. 


The barn was clad using thin strips of stained 5mm wide obechi wood, beginning from the bottom and working upwards. Obviously not an easy task with the wood strip having to be cut each time it came into contact with a window or an arched cart door opening. We advised our students to give themselves small daily cladding tasks so it didn't become a chore.Once clad, the windows were painted and glued into position.

bathroom 3.jpg
stairs in situ.JPG

The small windows in barns often restrict the light inside conversions, so alternative methods of obtaining natural lighting have to be considered during the build.



Mezaanine levels were added to each end of the barn conversion so as not to remove too much light and were joined with a pierced industrial style walkway.

In another light saving bid, a staircase with open risers and perspex balustrading was added. 

From the beginning of the project, so that our students could catch up with each stage of the barn conversion build, we began making the contemporary furnishings for inside the barn. So nobody was ever without any homework, ourselves included!



All areas of open plan contemporary living should be versatile and practical whilst still retaining the aesthetic appeal and period features of the original barn conversion. The transition from each area should be seamless and most important in modern day living is an informal social entertaining space. 


The barn needed to be furnished before fitting the roof, glazed end gable and glazed arch cart doors to allow for easy access. The two-way log burner was mult-purpose whilst providing heat, it also creates a separation of the living and dining areas.



One of the disadvantages of open plan living is the lack of privacy. Adding screens and curtains can provides areas of intintimacy whilst retaining the all important natural light. 



In order to retain the contemporary open plan living space on the mezzanine level whilst adding some privacy, the bathroom was created as a modular pod in the dressing room area using a semi-opaque perspex to maintain brightness.

end 1b.jpg


Zinc has been used on agricultural buildings for over 200 years. Today it is available in a range of colours.

Its light weight properties means that it is ideal for covering a large roof area. Adding a coloured zinc roof to a barn conversion keeps the asthetical appeal required, but also changes a traditional feel of a building to contemporary. 



We added more light inside the builing by adding roof lights. One side of the roof is fixed whist the other is removable to allow for acess to the mezzanine floors

end 1c.jpg


Adding a glazed picture window to the gable end of a barn conversion is a great way of obtaining natural light. How lovely to wake up to our great British countryside amd enjoy the views whilst relaxing in the living area!


After the interior of the barn had been fully furnished we were able to insert the arched cart door frames and the end gable glazed picture window frame. 

end 1b.jpg

Unfortunately we weren't able make the barn conversion into a kit due the complexity of the project, however we decided to use the features from the barn we considered aesthetically appealing and incorporate them in to a smaller and more manageable‘garden pod’ project in 1/24th & 1/48th scales.

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