‘Christmas Continental Wooden Market Stall kit’

in 1/48th (quarter inch) scale
market stall kit 48th scale
'Christmas Continental Wooden Market Stall kit' £12
(includes counter and wall shelves)

market stall inside
inside view


market stall  market stall 
1/48th scale Christmas merchandise & gift kits
3D wooden trees
3D wooden trees £2-50
(kit contains 8 trees)
Wooden trees £3
(kit contains 12 trees)
Gingerbread houses & hearts £3
(6 houses & 20 hearts in kit)
wooden houses
Wooden houses £2
(kit contains 9 houses)

Add your own creative finishes to the kits to personalise your very own festive Christmas market stall.

A custom made lighting kit to fit on the back of the market stall has been made by Jennifer from JS Miniatures and is available directly from her http://www.jsminiatures.co.uk/viewitem.php?productid=279
market stall