'30's House' kit

in 1/48th (quarter inch) scale
48th house kit
'30’s House kit' £45
The kit consists of all components to make up the building on the photograph -
This includes bricking, roof tiles, stained glass and window acetate, chimney pots
(also window ledges and a front door header as shown on Fiona’s house below)

Internal fixtures and fittings included with the kit include the chimney breasts, fire surrounds & tiles,
mantle mirrors, internal doors and knobs, floorboards and kitchen flooring, skirting & picture rail.
Wallpaper is not included.


*overseas inc extra £2 shipping charge

The constructed 30’s house kit measures:
110mm wide, 85mm deep, 148mm high

made by Fiona Lawley
Made by Fiona Lawley
The sink kit can be purchased separately

Example when furnished.
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